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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Football is back!

So those that know me know that I am a huge football fan. On Saturday I can be found usually watching any number of college football games. Of course I have two favorite college football teams: the Michigan State Spartans, and whomever is playing Michigan (referred to on this blog from now on only as um). On Sundays I can be found, in between worship services, sitting in my recliner watching the NFL. In the NFL I have always been and always will be a Dallas Cowboy fan.

I watch on average anywhere from 6-10 football games a week. And I have done this for many years. About 6 years ago we got Direct TV so that I could get NFL Sunday Ticket in order to watch the Cowboys play each week. When we decided that my wife would quit working to stay home with our daughter in 2003, we cancelled our NFL Sunday Ticket subscription. We also gave up our Michigan State season tickets. Sacrifices needed to be made for budgetary reasons, so we made these difficult choices and went on with life.

My wife surprised me this year by resubscribing us to NFL Sunday Ticket. On top of that she also surprised me with the Superfan option. I am now addicted to the Red Zone channel. The channel shows games where one team is in the red zone, and they show highlights of other games where something significant has happened. The best way the channel can be described is that it is like a NFL game-break (that you see on the network televised games) all the time!

So now on Sunday's with multiple games being played I will normally be watching the Red Zone channel. Unless of course the Cowboys are playing, because then I am watching them beat up on that week's opponent. As an added bonus, I get to see David Kircus play for the Denver Broncos. Kircus is a family friend of Cousin Don and his family, and he was given up on by the local NFL team, the Detroit Lions. So Kircus went to Denver and made the team there. Meanwhile the Lions are 0-3 with no sign of a win anytime soon!

One of my pet-peeves watching football is the technique defensive backs use, or maybe better, the lack of technique. I can remember playing pick-up football, and organized flag football growing up. As a cornerback you were taught to run with the receiver, and watch his eyes. When the receiver looked up for the ball, you did too. It is maddening to watch defensive backs in both college and the NFL not looking back for the ball. This past weekend alone I saw countless pass interference penalties called on defensive backs because they didn't look back at the ball. The coverage they provided was excellent, except for that one flaw, and the officials will call you for pass interference every time. Now I know that playing defensive back in Division I college football and the NFL is much more difficult than the pick-up games I used to play in, but still why defensive backs refuse, or aren't taught, or whatever it is, to look back for ball is frustrating as a fan.

Too bad today is Wednesday, there are still 3 days to go before I get more football!

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