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Friday, September 15, 2006

A Night With Dr. Laura

So last night my lovely wife and I went to the Detroit Opera House to see Dr. Laura Schlessinger's one woman show: "In My Never To Be Humble Opinion". I have always been a fan of Dr. Laura's radio show. Though I might not agree with everything she says, and though at times her language can be a little crude, I jumped at the opportunity to see her in person, and to hear what she had to say.

As I mentioned, I haven't always agreed with everything Dr. Laura says. For instance, she is Jewish and as such doesn't believe in the inspiration of the New Testament, or that Jesus Christ was the messiah. She also is into embracing people of all faiths, which has become common in our times, believing that all good people will go to heaven. However, her stance on premarital cohabitation, what she'd call "shacking up", and abortion, and homosexuality (among other topics) is spot on. She also has great opinions about raising kids, and the importance of mothers choosing their children over money and career. And I have always admired her straight-forward approach to telling people when they are being immoral, selfish, or a myriad of other things that people tend to be today.

I wasn't sure what to expect from the live show. Would she have the audience present dilemmas to her and then give her opinion on what should be done? Would she lecture to the audience about current societal ills? What would the show be about?

Well the show comes in two halves. In the first half Dr. Laura lectures about HER life. Her beginnings, experiences, and how she matured into the right-thinking, moral defender that she is today. She also took us into a typical day in the life of Dr. Laura, including awakening every morning at 5am to work-out before "taking on the day", to borrow one of her own lines. She then lets the audience see Dr. Laura at work, how she would look starting her daily radio program.

The set for the first half is set-up similar to her house complete with a couch, bookcases, and other furniture, as well as Dr. Laura's home broadcasting studio/office. The set also includes a wide-screen video screen so that she can share pictures with the audience. The first half of the show takes the audience on a roller-coaster ride of emotions. From laughing, getting angry, and, eventually, crying. The latter coming during a very emotional reading of a news story about a mother that left her one year-old son in her car while she went to work, followed by a listener's email about the thoughts that may have gone through the child's mind during his last day of life. Did I mention this was very emotional? I had tears streaming down my face and heard sniffling throughout the opera house.

For the second half of the show Dr. Laura returns to the stage minus the previous set. She then reads and answers questions that the audience has written on cards. The answers are given in the typical fashion that only Dr. Laura can provide, straight-forward, honest, and leaving no doubts about Dr. Laura's feelings on the matter. She concludes the show by providing the audience with some inspirational words related to her favorite hobby, sailboat racing, and then she tells the audience, as she does the end of every one of her radio broadcasts, "now go take on the day".

I thoroughly enjoyed the show. Sitting next to my favorite woman in the whole world (my wife) and listening to Dr. Laura share her wonderful view of the world. You may not like Dr. Laura for some reason, but you have to admit that she is trying to do her part in instilling morals into a society that has cast them aside. And no one could ever successfully argue that she doesn't have the well-being of children at the forefront of her mind as she does that. If you get a chance to catch Dr. Laura's show I would greatly encourage you to do so.

Now go do the right thing.

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Alice said...

Yeah, I agree with you on almost everything you commented about Dr. Laura....she has some great insight into family, morals, values. And I do appreciate the way she "holds no bars" when it comes to telling it like it is. But my only problem with her is her impatience with some of the callers and it seems particularly with the younger ladies, she is a bit short with them and sometimes condescending....but, nevertheless, I believe she is honest and sincere in what she says and thinks....and also, I like her patriotism!
Aunt A.