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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Deer Hunting Eve

Tomorrow is opening day of gun season here in Michigan. I am disappointed that I haven't made it out this year as of yet for bow hunting (that season began October 1st), but I am excited at the prospect of gun hunting tomorrow.

After near misses and opportunities the last 4 seasons, I am hopeful this year to take a deer or two. My goal is to get one with a gun, then to get one with my bow once gun season is over. I believe that getting one with a gun would be enjoyable, but taking a deer with my bow would be much more satisfying.

I definitely have two great teachers in Cousin Don and his son Seth. Both of which have taken many deer over the years, both with gun and bow. And they have put me in positions for opportunities many times over the last 4 years. It is now up to me to close the deal at my next opportunity. I pray that opportunity comes tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

Your opportunity came just like the previous years except this time your past experiences,learned knowledge and efforts payed off big time! Congragulaions Steve(the buck slayer)