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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Is Obama the change we need?

In this campaign there has been a lot of talk about change. Usually change is a word thrown around when things are going poorly. The idea is that people are miserable and want things to be different. The mainstream media has been trying to convince us, the American people, for nearly two years now that things are going poorly and that we are miserable. The fact is, things have been pretty good.

For instance, most people you talk to that are willing to be honest will tell you that they are better off today then they were 8 years ago. And even though the media and the Obama campaign have been trying to tell us otherwise, we have survived some pretty negative things in the last 8 years or so.

If people remember, oil prices, and resulting gas prices, began to rise in the year 2000. That was the last year of the Clinton administration's rule. This was on the heals of the dotcom bust that lasted until about 2003. The attacks of 9/11/2001 brought about many issues in its aftermath, including a stock market crash, two wars, and even higher oil and gas prices. Considering all of this the citizens of this nation have had it pretty good.

Yet the Obama campaign, and the mainstream media that so willingly do Obama's bidding, would have us to believe that our future is bleak. That our prospects are few. That peril lurks around every corner. Sounds a lot like the language of Jimmy "The Worst President In History" Carter.

And in the midst of these politics of fear, they point the finger at hard-working, freedom-loving, tax-paying American citizens and claim we are the breeders of fear. Supposedly we are "bitter", according to Obama himself. This hypocrisy is profound, promoting fear while making accusations of it.

And their end goal? Change. That word, which on the surface sounds so promising, is a roaring lion going about seeking whom it may devour. Because do you know what is Obama's version of change? Socialism. Wealth redistribution. Draconian taxes. The removal of the 2nd amendment from the bill of rights. No protection for the unborn. Erosion of freedom of speech.

That is not fear-mongering, that is calling a duck, a duck. Some of the above mentioned tenants of change the Obama campaign admits to. Some of the above they hide and lie about. But make no mistake, an Obama administration with a Democrat majority in both houses of congress would bring about many of those "changes" and others like them.

No where is there a better example of change like that illustrated in a recent change Obama made in his tax plan. When conservatives pointed to the plan, which gives tax rebate checks to those that pay no taxes, and called it "welfare", Obama responded by adding a work requirement to his plan. How quickly he changes for political expediency! And there is no doubt that if he is elected, that same plan would be altered again, this time to remove that same work requirement.

And as further evidence of Obama's character, or lack there of, is the fact that he is already planning for his transition to power. And spending millions on an election night party/celebration. Dishonest and arrogant, what a wonderful combination.

Obama is a liar. He is a socialist. He cannot be trusted in the least. His change is not change that most Americans can stomach. An Obama administration would be disastrous for this nation. If Obama is elected, say goodbye to your money, guns and religious freedom. But hey, at least some poor people will be even more addicted to free government money.

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