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Monday, October 27, 2008

Obama and Socialism

It seems that Barack Obama's most important campaign tactic is to lie, dodge, avoid, and deny. As more evidence comes forward, all involving Obama's own words, it is obvious he is a socialist at best, and a Marxist at worst. Yet he refuses to admit to that.

And the media doesn't dare ask questions related to that. The Obama campaign seems intent on shutting out any news organization that asks questions regarding Obama's socialistic philosophies. Joe Biden was asked tough questions in an interview, and the news station that conducted the interview was informed that Biden's wife would not be fulfilling her promised interview.

The funny thing is that liberals will do and say nothing about these tactics. Even though for 8 years they have accused the Bush administration of the same media strong-arming tactics. Yet we are to believe that John McCain is analogous to George W. Bush!

The fact is that Obama has a long history of writing and speaking about his socialistic philosophies. The rumors of these philosophies started trickling out slowly when his campaign first began. As the campaign has run-up to the general election, more and more evidence of Obama's socialism has come to light. The latest is audio of Obama saying that it is a tragedy that the Supreme Court hadn't pursued the redistribution of wealth in 2001.

The problem for the campaign is that they are denying that Obama is a socialist. Why not just admit it? Many of the people that are already determine to vote for Obama would probably agree with his socialistic views. But they are afraid of losing undecided voters, which according to most polls are still hovering around the 10% mark.

The tactic of lying, as more evidence comes to light, is just as bad. Further, their tactics of shutting out any media outlet that suggests that he is a socialist is even worse. But even more draconian was last week's tactic by the Obama campaign to try to say claims of socialism are based in racism.

The fact is that the Obama campaign is already guilty of tactics that liberals have accused the Bush administration of ever since Bush took office. Apparently they will turn a blind eye to the socialist Obama and his strong-arming tactics, while continuing to cry about George W. Bush allegedly doing the same thing.

In the end, Obama will do whatever he has to in order to get elected. Of course there are no guarantees if he actually were to win the election, and it seems apparent that he would try to lead this country down the road to socialism. Surely the American people will take a stand next Tuesday against such an anti-American concept.

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