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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What This Election Proved: Democrats Will Vote For Anybody

That's right. If we learned anything from this past election cycle it is this: Democrats will vote for anyone, and I mean ANYONE, that has a D next to their names.

There has been evidence of this throughout the years. Robert "KKK" Byrd is one example. Funny that the one former member of the Klan that holds an elected national office is a Democrat. Meanwhile, Republicans have repeatedly rejected David Duke in every national election that he has run in as a Republican.

But this past election takes the cake. Barack Hussein Obama (yes, apparently it is okay to use his middle name NOW) has absolutely nothing in his background to qualify him for the office of president, yet Democrats gladly supported him in droves, and catapulted him to an easy win on election night.

Joe Biden, who once referred to Barack Hussein Obama as "clean and articulate", was also embraced after being named Obama's running mate last summer. Imagine the scorn and hate that would have come a Republican's way for using that language to refer to an African-American candidate? Yet Democrats not only didn't respond with scorn and hate towards Biden, but enthusiastically endorsed him for vice-president, because he is a Democrat. (Nevermind his botox and plastic surgery!)

But Democrats in Minnesota takes the cake. Granted, it is Minnesota where even an ex-wrestler can win the office of governor, but surely even they would reject a caustic and divisive person like Al "Stuart Smalley" Franken. Wouldn't they? Yet at the time of this writing Franken holds a small lead over Republican Norm Coleman in the latest senate election recount. While this is far from over the very fact that Franken could make it this close, and have a real chance at becoming the next junior senator from the state of Minnesota, is a farce at best, and extremely sad at worst. But he does have a D next to his name.

So Democrats have proven that they will support former KKK members, vice-presidential candidates that make veiled racist remarks, presidential candidates that have no executive experience, and even a mentally-unstable "comedian" (used loosely here) to become senator. What a lowly state our great nation has stooped to.