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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Interesting Observation Recently Made

I recently received an email from a former coworker. I worked with the gentleman for a couple of years, a few years back. I didn't realize that like me he was a comic book reader in the 80s. He is writing a book about his recent rediscovery of comics and has made it the subject of his blog:

I also have an old friend from elementary school that is still into comics. He even writes for an online storyline tied to the NBC television show Heroes.

Here is the observation (and I will try to do this as close to my promise of staying away from politics as possible): I think I may be the only conservative-former/current-comic-book-reader ever! If you look at the blog entries for the blog I posted above from around the election, it is clear that this former coworker is a liberal Democrat. My old friend from elementary school is also liberal on the scale of Karl Marx.

Just an interesting observation, even if it is anecdotal at best.

Still, I look forward to reading his book as it sounds like he and I read many of the same comics in the 80s.

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