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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Let's Talk About 3-9

Did anyone really expect me to let the 3-9 UM football season come and go without mentioning it? Come on! I am nearly 40 years-old and never in my lifetime has UM had a losing season. As a Michigan State fan you know that I enjoyed the struggles that UM had this past season. And that I look forward to more of the same next season.

Of course it all started in the 2007 football season when UM lost to Appalachian State. That was one of the greatest gifts that football has ever bestowed upon me. Never again would I have to hear an UM fan bring up the fact that MSU had lost to Central Michigan twice in the early 90s. The App State game trumped that. At least CMU was a Division I-A school!

However, the loss to the University of Toledo this past season cemented the fact that never again should an UM fan mention CMU to me. You lose to a Div. I-AA (they can call that division whatever they want nowadays, I don't care) and then to a MAC team the very next year. Revenge is sweet!

Of course, MSU beat Michigan in Ann Arbor this past season for the first time since 1990. And there was no controversial play, no clock controversy, NOTHING to save UM this time. The Spartans thumped the Wolverines in their home toilet-bowl (known as The Big Outhouse) convincingly. Not that it was any great feat considering 8 other teams also thumped UM this past season, including the aforementioned MAC school.

And as Rich Rodriguez's UM squad continues to hemorrhage not only currently enrolled players (transfers) but also previously committed recruits (decommits), they can look forward to another tough season next year. Which means that these guys running around this area in big 4x4 pick-ups will begin peeling their block M stickers leaving only a Red Wing emblem in their rear window. Ahhh, how fleeting are bandwagon fans!

In the meantime, Mark Dantonio has the Michigan State program on solid footing and headed down the right path.

Don't believe me? Then just try to remember the last time MSU had a New Years Day bowl game while UM was at home bowl-ineligible. You'd need to go back over 40 years!

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