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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Stimulate Me

As more and more details about the "stimulus" bill come out, the more and more this bill sounds like anything BUT stimulus. But Obama is more than likely to sign this travesty of a spending bill into law. Some of the stuff this thing contains is plain unconscionable.

Even more telling about Democrats than what they will fund (like wetland preservation and birth control) are things they won’t fund. Michigan Congressman Mike Rogers put it this way:

‘U.S. Rep Mike Rogers: "The two provisions that would have helped us the most got stripped out of the bill, one was the tax breaks for buying an automobile got stripped out of the bill, and the other one was tax breaks for buying a home got stripped out of the bill."’

So making taxpayers pay for environ-whacko initiatives, and for products that allow people to go out and have casual sex is okay. But giving taxpayers a break on doing things that will really help the economy, like buying cars and houses, is not okay. And Democrats try to say we conservatives are out of touch.

What is really funny to me in all of this is how Democrats have suddenly become hush-hush on the federal deficit. For 8 years, almost daily (I did work in Ann Arbor!), I heard from liberals about how Bush was spending our country into oblivion. Obama takes office and ratchets up the deficit to $3 trillion dollars and suddenly it is crickets from the left!

It just goes to show that Democrats will support each other no matter what they do. Kwame’s text message scandal? Oh we should forgive and forget. Bill Clinton receiving sexual favors from interns in the White House? Oh it is just about sex. Obama raises the federal deficit by 1/3 in his first month in office? Oh no problem, we need this spending.

When George W. Bush was creating gigantic social programs, like the prescription drug provision in Medicare, we conservatives led the charge in jumping up and down in disagreement. The difference? We have ideals that we hold to, we don’t hold onto political celebrities for dear life no matter how badly they trample what we hold dear.

So we will spend $787 billion dollars after Obama signs this thing into law today, and it will not do a thing to stimulate the economy. What it will do is grease the palms of the special interests that were so instrumental in getting Obama elected.

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