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Thursday, March 12, 2009

"Hey look, the first robin of spring!"......SPLAT!

It is always an exciting thing to see the first robin of spring. So we were excited last night on the way to midweek Bible study to see a robin off the side of the road in a field. He was happily hopping along, presumably hunting for food.

I pointed him out to my wife and daughter, "Hey look" I said as I pointed to him on our right, "the first robin of spring!" The word "spring" was just rolling off my tongue when inexplicably the robin took off in flight. He flew right in front of our car!

The jet-stream of air our car was pushing caused him to fly up towards the windshield. I thought we had missed him until my wife pointed out the feathers stuck to the metal antenna of our car. When we stopped at a light, several feathers were blown off the car, I believe he struck not only the antenna but the side-view mirror.

We were in shock. The first robin of spring and we killed it. I got a stern reprimand from my 5 year-old daughter despite repeated defense arguments about traveling at 50 mph and not being able to do anything about it. She wasn't buying it.

So if spring comes late this year you can blame me.


nanc said...

but you saved the family...

our two teens are now licensed drivers and i've told them time and again that if it comes down to your life or a rabbit, skunk, armadillo, squirrel, etc. - make sure to save yours.

they hit their first bunny the other day.

i caught your comment at the big hollywood abortion post. good to meet up with likeminded people.

Writer X said...

We have the same things in Arizona except we call them doves. It's almost impossible to avoid them. And it's either summer or spring most of the year. You'd laugh at what we call "winters."

4simpsons said...

"The first robin of spring and we killed it."

"We??" Sounds more like "you!" That is one serious sin, my friend.

Seriously, sorry to hear that. I've hit birds twice. One got stuck in the front grill. Ick.

I thought I hit a hawk last year. It was early morning and the family was sleeping as we came home from vacation. I was going 70 on the highway and this huge bird came swooping in. Then BAM! I thought I had hit a suicidal bird, only to discover that it had successfully stolen our Chik-Fil-A antenna ball! It must have looked like food to the bird.

P.S. To state the obvious, you'll be hearing about this from your daughter for a long, long time. Take it from someone who knows.

patti said...

y'all are just in spring? we are almost to summer here in south texas.