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Monday, March 23, 2009

Monica Conyers: "African-American people cannot be racists"

It is high time I've done a post on Monica Conyers. For those outside of the Detroit area, she is the President of the Detroit City Council. She is also the wife of John Conyers who is a sitting United States Representative from Detroit. To sum Monica up listen to this podcast from a local Detroit radio program:

Monica Conyers as told by Deminski and Doyle

She interjects race into almost every issue. She has called the acting mayor of Detroit, Ken Cockrel, "Shrek". She has as much class as a rock, yet she continues to keep her job. If this doesn't speak to the ignorance of voters in the city of Detroit then nothing does.

Check out her wikipedia entry:

Monica Conyers as told by

And people wonder why Detroit is considered a joke of a city to the rest of the nation.

Here is my open letter to Mrs. Conyers:

Dear Monica,

For the sake of people that live in Detroit, of people that live in the Detroit area, of your husband, of your fellow council members, and the good of the city of Detroit itself, please just SHUT-UP!

Thank you,



nanc said...

this woman is a menace to society! militant witch! forgive my unladylike thoughts...

p.s. i've posted a story you may relate to at my "oh boo moments" blog - disclaimer - set your morning drink down!

Writer X said...

It's mind-boggling that the Conyers duo continue to get elected. Please say that the people in Michigan are onto these two hypcritical crooks.