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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Say It Ain't So John Cusack

During this last election John Cusack became the latest in a long line of my favorite actors to disappoint me with their personal politics. While I was disappointed I wasn't outraged because I have sort of come to expect this from Hollywood's elite.

Hollywood actors' liberal personal politics make no sense to me. It has become a huge bandwagon and those in Hollywood can't help themselves but to jump on. It is rooted some where in their guilt. Whether it is white-guilt, money-guilt, fame-guilt, or just plain old guilt-guilt, the Hollywood set just seem powerless to the draw of modern American liberalism.

So John Cusack decides to speak out regarding his far-left political leanings while promoting a movie. With Cusack jetting across the country waxing political in support of Obama I decided to not see the film, whatever film he was promoting.

This is why Cusack and other actors should just keep their mouths shut regarding politics, because in the end it hurts their product's appeal. When George Clooney made a joke about Charleton Heston's diagnosis of Alzheimer's I vowed right then to never watch another Clooney movie. When Spike Lee said Heston should be shot I decided to never support another Lee joint again. All this hate because Heston believed in the 2nd amendment and was President of the NRA.

By way of comparison, look how conservative actors (all 3 of them) stay quiet on the subject of politics. True they kind of have to in order to not be ostracized by the extreme liberal industry they work for, but it is refreshing to see. I don't watch films because of the politics of someone that made the movie, I watch them because I enjoy films. I don't like actors to spout off politically even when I agree with the actor's views. Plus they do not run the risk of alienating those that disagree with them.

Furthermore they come across as hypocritical. When Matt Damon questioned Sarah Palin's intelligence because she may believe in the Bibilical account of creation I had to laugh. Matt Damon? The college drop-out? Questioning the intelligence of a self-made woman that has elevated her self to running the largest state in the nation? Matt must think that because he once played a genius on screen (Good Will Hunting) that he really is a genius.

I know Hollywood types feel guilty for their station in life, but they jeopardize that station by making their personal politics known. I have my own list of blacklisted actors, I refuse to pay for, rent, watch, or in any way support any film or TV show they are a part of. When Matt Damon and Ben Affleck can shut their stupid mouths and go on with their careers of pretending to be other people, maybe they can come back off that list.

George Clooney and Spike Lee have no hope of that ever happening.

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