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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Been A While, So Time For Another Poem

Reversal Role

She goes to work he stays home.
They don't even match in last name.
Separate accounts, she makes the rules.
Don't listen to what he says no matter what He says.

Nancy says to do what you want.
Regardless of whatever it is he may want.
Regardless even of whatever it is He may want.
Sexism excuses every decision regardless of right.

Free to do
Everything you want
Men don't say a word
Ignore what he does
Never pay attention
In His word
Stop putting
The right first.

No decisions left to him.
You are your own person.
Never take orders from him.
That is the only way to be enlightened.

Baking cookies? BAH!
Domestication is for dogs.
Make the bed and your food yourself.
And just where in the world do you think you are going?

He's gone.

Copyright 2009, all rights reserved.

1 comment:

nanc said...

sad, but true. the very best decision we ever made as a family was for me to quit my career and follow my husband around in his work until we settled down about ten years ago. everybody reaped the benefits of that decision! myself probably the most.

the women's rights movement has quite possibly been the actual event that has brought u.s. to the very turmoil-filled days we live in.

did you write that?