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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Facebook Is Rotten Part 2

Check out this video regarding Facebook etiquette. One of the reasons I dislike Facebook so much is because 90% of the users of that site break every one of these rules.

Also, Time magazine added some more rules for Facebook:

Click Here: How Not To Be Hated On Facebook

I have been asked if I miss Facebook since canceling my account and the short answer is: absolutely not.

In case you missed my first Facebook diatribe, here you go:

Click here: Facebook Is Rotten


Writer X said...

Oh my gosh, I SO agree with you on Facebook. I could never get into it either. It's sort of like Twitter, which I've joined begrudgingly. It's a lot of people yakking but no one really listening.

nanc said...

our children talked us into getting facebook - then everyone wants to be friends, but it seems they're all so wrapped up in their own lives they forget about everyone else - i do, however love the little instant messaging thingy at the bottom and do speak with a couple of faraway friends weekly.