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Friday, April 17, 2009

Janeane Garofalo Cries Racism

Click here: Janeane Garofalo: "Tea parties were racist"

Oh boy here we go. We've already seen the mainstream media's biased handling of Wednesday's tea parties. The mainstream media reacted with predictability trying to cast the tea parties as an extreme, right-wing orchestration funded by Republicans and Fox News.

Now Hollywood is weighing in trying to belittle the tea parties and setting up their own straw men to beat down. The fact that it has taken two days is amazing. Of course, they had bigger fish to fry I guess, like lambasting Miley Cyrus for her smaller-than-perfect tooth-to-gum ratio. But I digress.

Along comes left-wing extremist, and whacko, Janeane Garofalo to tell us what the tea parties were really about.

"It's about hating a black man in the White House."

Wow, really Janeane? It has nothing to do with the man in White House's policies, regardless of skin color? Psst. Did you know that Michael Steele is the head of RNC? These same people don't seem to have a problem with a black man heading up the Republican party. Also, did you know, Janeane, that one of Obama's biggest critics is Alan Keyes? I wonder what your feelings on that are.

But it gets better. Whacky, zany old Janeane goes on:

"This is racism straight up and is nothing but a bunch of teabagging rednecks."

We need to superimpose John Stewart's stupid, "really?" face here. How can you accuse people of racism while at the same time using a racial epitaph to describe them? The funny thing is that Janeane probably doesn't even see the hypocrisy in her statement. She is too busy thinking of her next insult.

I think I know why Janeane is so angry these days. See, for years she wore horrible spectacle frames, and couldn't start a trend. Sarah Palin arrives on the scene and overnight created a "Sarah Palin glasses frame" sensation. Janeane has been crying herself to sleep ever since.

How else do you explain Janeane being such an angry, little, middle-aged woman? Afterall, she got her far-left extreme candidate elected to office. You'd think she'd be happier than a pig (wearing lipstick) rolling around in its own feces. Or what Janeane would call her usual Friday night.

Anything that upsets Garofalo is worthwhile. I say we plan more tea parties immediately, if for no other reason than to send Janeane further into her self-loathing depression. Why can't she just pop a Paxil and go away?

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Cassie said...

Great post! The part about Janeane crying over her glasses cracked me up!