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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

More On (or Morons) Miss California

Shockingly, many in Hollywood are piling on Carrie Prejean, Miss California, in the wake of her public defense of traditional marriage.

Click here: Celebs Pile On Miss California

Look at this list of stars the article names: Alicia Silverstone, Lance Bass, George Takei, Sophia Bush, Jason Lewis, Lynne Stewart, Liz Feldman, Drew Droege, Mike Hitchcock, Daniele Gathier, Jay Lay, Erin Foley, Jane Lynch and Sarah Chalke

All are either gay, stupid, or both. Is it shocking that these botox injecting, non-meat eating, moron, liberal celebrities are taking the far-left point of view on the subject? Of course not.

Amazing that an opposing viewpoint could elicit such a quick, loud response of outrage. I think it is because these stars are so used to network television espousing their far-left, whacko views that they are completely out of touch with mainstream America. Every national and state opinion poll, including Prop 8, have proven that everyday Americans are opposed to same-sex marriage. They just can't fathom that.

Can't they please just go away? Don't they realize that they do more damage to their careers by spouting off on this subject than they do good? Wait, looking at that list there really aren't many careers left there to damage. Never mind.

Alicia Silverstone? Seriously? She quit being relevant in 1997.


Patti said...

i wasn't shocked. as soon as the opinion was out of ms. california's mouth, i could hear the lip-smacking taking place by the liberal elite as they prepared their meal. juicy!


nanc said...

we already boycott most of what hollywood puts out - most movies made can be found within a month of being released at yard and tag sales for a buck or two.

Writer X said...

Whenever there's drama, every B-actor comes out of the woodwork looking for a way to capitalize on it.