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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

News And Comment

Obama Looks At Shooting Pollution Into Atmosphere To Fight Global Warming

Question: I know Obama is omnipotent (all powerful and knowing), but isn't pollution in the atmosphere supposedly how we got into this "crisis"?

Military Used Pigs In Blasts To Test Armor

I think the media expects us to be outraged by this. My response: So what?

Obama To Discuss Nuclear Program With Iran

No, I guess being friends with unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers wasn't a prelude to Obama being friendly with terrorists while President. Disgusting.

Islamic Ayatollah Feels Obama Is Sincere In Muslim Message

Hmmm, does this story make anyone else think about this Obama Freudian slip?

And this idiot wonders why I cling to my guns and religion................

1 comment:

Writer X said...

I keep waiting for the President to turn water into wine. That might actually be useful.