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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Now Obama Is Upsetting Fellow Commies Too!

Click here for story: Fidel Castro: Obama Misinterpreted Raul's Words

You have to love this! Obama has been busy extending an open hand (and sometimes even bowing in submission) to foreign leaders, and now he is realizing that he is in danger of pulling back a bloody stump. It is amazing to me that this guy is so arrogant, and thinks so highly of himself, that he thinks he can accomplish what several presidents over several decades have been unable to do.

I decided to write an open letter to The Chosen One:

Dear Obama,

In case you haven't noticed, many around the world hate America. For the last 8 years many on your side of the aisle have claimed this is because of George W. Bush, and many of the policies he put into place during his time in office. However, now that you have been on the job for 3 months you are realizing that this is not the case.

Many around the world hate us (or U.S.) because we love freedom. Because we love what is right. Because we have the greatest nation, with the greatest system of government, the world has ever seen. Please understand that no matter what you do, people will stay hate us for that.

Now you could change our nation, change our system of government, but you know what that will accomplish? It will mean that many people in this nation, around 60 million of them and growing daily, will hate you. Whether or not you could win favor in foreign lands by doing something drastic like this won't matter because you would effectively rip OUR nation apart at the seams to try and accomplish getting Arabs, Cubans, Venezuelans, Koreans, Russians, and the French all to like us.

Oh, all of those may love you for destroying our nation, but the result here would be something we haven't seen since the Civil War. So unless you are willing to destroy our nation you need to get used to the fact that there are angry, jealous people around the world that will never like us unless we are destroyed.

What do you think 9/11 was all about?

In closing, don't tax me bro!




Writer X said...

Hey, he supposedly wrote back to the guy who wrote to him about cigarettes. Maybe he'll write you back too? :-)

nanc said...

i'd much rather have the world hate u.s. than be snickering about this buffoonery going on behind our backs!

we look so weak. "if the world hate you..."