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Monday, April 27, 2009

Obama 100 Day Report: Unmitigated Disaster

100 days in and Obama has proven why so many of us were skeptical of this relative unknown. His only self-proclaimed qualification was as a "community organizer" and what so many of us were worried about has pretty much come to fruition. He has produced scary talk, scary video, and scary pictures in his first 100 days.

First, there was his stimulus bill. Conservatives rightly referred to it as "porkulus". We know that this bill did, and could do, nothing for the economy. Instead it was a laundry list of political payouts and favors to the people that got him elected.

Even if the "porkulus" spending bill could help the economy, Obama immediately moved to erase any economic gains it theoretically would make with his budget proposal. Tripling the deficit, the budget was so full of spending and, you guessed it, pork that the backlash was immediate. Along with the budget proposal came talk about raising taxes in the near future (like next year) to help pay for the spending. So even if his "porkulus" had turned the economy around, Obama's tax plan would have erased those gains. Remember, there will be no dotcom bubble this time to save him the way the dotcom bubble of the late 90s saved Clinton.

It only got worse from there. His European apology tour was abysmal. Any theoretical good-will he might have gain by prostrating to foreign dignitaries was offset by the anger his apologies generated here at home.

Then he bowed to the Saudi king and promptly lied about it. What was so bad about the Obama denial was it completely insulted intelligence of the American people. We all saw the bow and know it was a bow, but the Obama camp sent out a Baghdad Bob type response: "It wasn't a bow." Anyone with a braincell that viewed the video knew it was a bow.

For an encore, Obama then ate with unrepentant, anti-American dictator Hugo Chavez. He accepted an anti-American book from ol' Hugo, and was photographed yukking it up and smiling while shaking Hugo's hand. Many argued that "it was a smart play on Obama's part to befriend an enemy of the U.S." However, it made many wonder if Obama's agenda is anti-American.

He didn't stop with Chavez though, as his friendly talk with the Raul Castro further cemented his apparent love of dictators. Maybe he wants to be one of them? Who knows but the enthusiasm he exudes in chumming around with some of the U.S.'s biggest detractors is scary at best.

He then followed that up by being photographed carrying another anti-American book:

In case you can't see the title it is "The Post-American World". Do an internet search on that book and then tell me if you can sleep at night knowing the president is reading that.

The final big move by Obama was to say that they would look into charges against officials that drew up the Bush administration's "torture" interrogation tactics of TERRORISTS. (Please do not forget that we are discussing terrorists here, despite many on the left trying to paint it as everyday, common citizens.) This after saying they wouldn't prosecute a week earlier. Now it appears the Obama administration wants to forget all about it, but they have leftist groups screaming for him to follow through. Amazing, when you pander to the left they just demand more pandering. You think he'd have learned that by now.

I won't even delve into the details of Obama's foray into private industry. Setting CEO compensation limits (with exceptions!), firing a CEO, hinting at government take-overs, and telling the credit card industry how they are to do business all points to the socialist state that Obama envisions.

In totality, there is very little to applaud in these first 100 days. The Obama administration tried to take credit for taking out 3 pirates and freeing a hostage, but later reports noted that Obama merely didn't prevent it from happening. The mainstream media practically had him in direct contact with the snipers and giving the fire order, but we now know that is not how it occurred. Even if we give him credit for that, the first 100 days are a disaster.

There is nothing in the first 100 days to allay fears about Obama's anti-American bent. He seems to be marching steadily down a path that many of us on the right predicted. No one should be surprised, after all we saw the writing on the wall with Ayers and Wright.

Brace yourselves for the next 100 days.


nanc said...

did you see where he wants fox news to run tonight's telecast again tomorrow for his "100 day anniversary"? fox told him to stack beebees - what gall he has!

LoneWolfArcher said...

I heard that. He is so arrogant. Good for Fox for telling him to shove it.

Writer X said...

I'm surprised he hasn't ordered the stations to offer free advertisement time to sell the Obama memorabilia, too. BTW, saw 75% off the Obama t-shirts in a drugstore bargain bin.