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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Obama BFF with Chavez

This image is stunning to me. And there are more: Click here: Obama gets friendly with Chavez.

Every time Obama is so chummy with these terroristic dictators I think of so-called Reverend Wright and Bill Ayers. The warning of this behavior was clear to all voters in the last election, yet so many ignored the warning.

Maybe it was because Obama was black, so African-Americans were going to vote for him whether or not he killed baby seals with a club. Or maybe some people hated George W. Bush so much they were going to vote for Obama to stick it to Republicans. Or maybe it was that the mainstream media played down Obama's associations with the likes of Wright and Ayers.

Regardless of the reason, now we are stuck with a man that can't properly judge between people that he should be pals with and those he should not. We are stuck with a man that gravitates toward people that hate the United States with a fervor. We are stuck with a man whom we are forced to question his own feelings about this the greatest country on God's green earth.

So for those of you that voted for Obama, don't try to say you weren't warned. While Chris Matthews had a tingle going up his leg, many of us had a cold chill running down our spines. Turns out we were right and Matthews, his cronies, and those that so vehemently defended Obama's associations were dead wrong.


Cassie said...

I came to read your education piece you mentioned on 100 Annoying Things. Found lots of great posts!

I am not surprised by his exchange with Chavez - and think it will just be the first of many such meetings with dictators around the world. He couldn't even be awakened for the Korean missile launch? Makes ya go Hmmmm???

Writer X said...

Obama looked like a schoolboy at this Latin American summit. He's delusional if he thinks people like Chavez and Noriega will suddenly embrace human rights and shed their dictator ways simply because he's President.

nanc said...

this makes me want to hurl!

Writer X said...

Oops. My bad. Meant to say Ortega. Not Noriega. I'm getting my Latin American dictators confused. There are so many of them...