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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The Silent Scream

I recently discovered that this incredibly important video has been put on the internet for viewing.

The Silent Scream

I remember watching this video with my parents when I was a teenager and it profoundly affected it me. I had been anti-abortion before then but I became a staunch defender for the life of the unborn after viewing this.

For those wondering, a woman and abortion doctor agreed to have an ultrasound done during the abortion of her 11 week-old fetus, and to record what it captured. What was captured on video was truly astounding and life altering. Many have been affected by viewing this including the abortion doctor that performed the abortion. He never performed another after watching the footage.

If you can watch this and still support a woman's right to savagely murder her unborn child, then I question your humanity and compassion.

Please be sure to pass the URL for this video on to everyone you know.


4simpsons said...

That should be must-viewing for pro-choicers. I just don't know how they rationalize it.

Writer X said...