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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tea Parties

I watched with rapt attention yesterday the coverage on of the tea parties going on throughout the country. The estimates I heard were between 800 and over 1000 of these things took place, in locales as small as rural communities to major cities, and everywhere in between. Some of these drew people in the thousands. The one here in Michigan, at the state capitol in Lansing, drew about 5,000 people I am told. (The Detroit papers set the figure between 3,000-4,000, so you know there were more!)

The point of these protests was simple: taxes are high enough, it is time to stop spending. Some on the left have tried to muddle that message. "It is right-wing extremists. They are just protesting liberalism. This is a well-funded, orchestrated movement started by the Republican leadership." All of those things are bald-faced lies.

Of interest was the White House's reaction to these tea parties: Obama Unaware Of Tea Parties The arrogance of this man is beyond anything I've ever seen. A "no comment" would have been better than this feigned obtuseness. I am sure the official story will be that he has other things to worry about. But not worrying and not being aware are two different things. I chalk it up to yet another Obama lie.

Another typical, predictable reaction was by Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm. Governor Granholm says she thinks the protests in Lansing, Traverse City and elsewhere were "orchestrated by a certain slice of the far right." Jenny, Jenny, Jenny. The only things "orchestrated" have been the reactions by liberals like you. The talking points were obviously sent out as Jenny and her cronies around the country reacted with the same accusations. Except The Chosen One in the Oval Office, but we already discussed the fact that he lied about even knowing about the tea parties.

Some estimates I heard put the total attendance of all the 800-1000 tea parties across the nation at about 1 million. An incredible showing considering many of these people are working people (unlike the throngs at Obama's inauguration), and considering these were held during the day in the middle of the week. Democracy at its finest!

These are the kinds of things that restore my faith in my fellow Americans.


Writer X said...

The protests all over Arizona were very well-attended. I love how some politicians like to pretend that they were non-events. I'm more than happy to watch them continue to be clueless. They do such a good job of it already.

nanc said...

what the ANTI-tea partiers are saying with this rubbish is they're perfectly happy with the way things are going - that's not a left or right issue - i surmised at yesterday's tea party there were quite a few disgruntled liberal democrats who were afraid to come out of the leftist closet.

the fact that the plotus (presidential liar) stated he knew nothing of the tea parties shows just how out of touch he really is with middle america.

great write up! i'm going to recommend it to my blog friend, van helsing.

nanc said...


LoneWolfArcher said...

Thanks for the nod nanc! And welcome to all the visitors.

Anonymous said...

You KNOW that BO is aware of these tea parties! He knew that Jessica Simpson had kicked him off of People magazine when she put on a couple of lbs. If it is in the news right now you can be sure that Obama knows about it because he has to take a poll and see where he stands. We had 250 at our last minute tea party in my medium sized town!