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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Brother Kyle Butt Debates Atheist at University of South Carolina

This is excellent and needs to be shared. Please pass the link to this video on to everyone you know.

Click here: Video of Kyle Butt Debate

(Click on the video "Does The God Of The Bible Exist?" on the right hand side.)

Also, see more of Kyle's work at: Apologetics Press

I have debated atheists myself, admittedly on a much more personal, informal level. What amazes me is that they all end up taking the same track: belittling Christians for claiming the moral high ground while at the same time claiming the intellectual high ground themselves. Pretty hypocritical.

Very telling statement by Mr. Barker was when he said that he will tell God (on the day of judgment) that He should bow down and worship him (Mr. Barker). Atheists put themselves on the same level as God. They try to confine Him to what we as humans know and feel. For example, he said that God supposedly knows the future, yet says He gave us freedom of choice. Mr. Barker felt that was an incapability. But in reality there is no future to God. There is no past. Time is a dimension of this world, not the spiritual world. If Mr. Barker were truly on God's level, as he tries to claim, he would know that.

Good debate. Brother Butt did an outstanding job, and I felt he had Mr. Barker on the defensive the entire time.

One other observation. I love how Mr. Barker suggested that it was unloving of a Christian to call him "Mr. Barfer" (apparently some blogger referred to him as such), yet he called Christians, and all people that claim faith in a religion, stupid for nearly 2 hours! More hypocrisy from his side of the aisle.

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