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Monday, May 04, 2009

Further Proof That Arlen Specter Is An Idiot

Click here for story: Specter: Kemp Died Of GOP Agenda

Unbelievable. I guess we shouldn't be surprised that someone this ridiculous became a Democrat. But to suggest that Jack Kemp would be alive today if Republicans had pushed for more medical research spending is preposterous. Further he is giving a pass to the Democrats, who have controlled Congress and the White House much of the time, and even sometimes at the same time, since 1970.

To borrow a phrase from nanc, one of my favorite bloggers (See her blog here: Oh Boo Moments):

Oh boo!


Writer X said...

He always voted like a Democrat; he might as well make it official. Now he can play the blame game without guilt.

nanc said...

i posted this this one over here - beware the trolls there - it's an ugly place i cannot terrible...

nanc said...

p.s. - thankx 4 the compliment and right backatcha!