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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The Hand Of A Fetus

A while back I posted this picture:

Today on they have an update on this fetus, now a nine year-old boy. See what he looks like by clicking here: Samuel Armas & Family

Amazing stuff. This is an argument for life without having to say anything!


nanc said...

this is powerful! our zgirl was nearly born at five months, but i had surgery and she was ultimately born at six months - now she's about to turn 17 and one of the brightest and best people on the planet.

LoneWolfArcher said...

nanc, great story!

I knew a girl whose mother was told while she was pregnant with her, that if she carried her to full term had no chance of being anything but severely mentally handicapped. Her mother scheduled the abortion twice, but couldn't do it either time.

This girl is now in her mid-30s, and perfectly healthy and fully functioning. It is sad that our medical and scientific communities think that are so infallible.

nanc said...

the left will argue that if it cannot survive outside the womb on it's own without drastic measures being taken then it should be done away with - i ask them, "stephen hawking cannot survive without drastic measures being taken - should we kill him?"

Ed Darrell said...

It's a tribute to medicine that the operation could have taken place at all.

Odd, isn't it? You celebrate the judgment of the physicians when they do this stuff, but you call them murderers and sinful when they recommend abortion.

I worked in the Senate with a woman who had spina bifida. A visiting group of Soviet legislators were fascinated with her -- in the Soviet Union, they said, abortions would be required for such a baby, or the baby would be allowed to die a medicated death after birth.

When we give the state the power over our reproductive decisions, we capitulate more than we know.

Life is full of gray areas, isn't it?

LoneWolfArcher said...

So Mr. Ed, what you are telling me is that it is hypocritical to herald a doctor that performs a life saving operation on a fetus, but then call one that performs a procedure for the sole purpose of killing a fetus a murderer?

Sorry but that seems pretty black and white to me.

In fact, I would say in that scenario that you are the one being hypocritical.

nanc said...

"Life is full of gray areas, isn't it?"um, let me think about that for a moment...NO, DEFINITELY NO!