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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

I Threw Tea Into The Harbor Last Night

Okay, not literally, but it felt good to vote against 4 property tax "renewals" in our township last night.

I quoted "renewals" because that was how they were positioning them. But if you read the proposals you would discover the words "renew and increase" in the language. Everyone is having to do more with less, or at least more with the same, why shouldn't local government?

Here is an article on the results: Township Passes All 4 Milleage "Renewals" They all passed, but at least I did my part to vote them down.

The reason I believe they passed is because the only advertising I saw were yard signs saying to vote "Yes". Also, articles like this: 4 Proposals On Local Ballot scared people into voting yes. If you tell people "you better vote yes on these if you want police and fire protection, or trash pick-up", then most will be too afraid to vote no.

Here is the interesting part of that last article:

"Roe said the township has pledged not to raise the overall township millage above 10.4 mills through 2012, the same amount it was in 2005."

Pledged? Is that like a promise? Also notice this part:

"Thanks to the Headlee Amendment, which can lower tax rates depending on property value increases and the rate of inflation, the four millages on the ballot have dropped a total of 0.0226 mills since 2005. Renewing them at their 2005 levels will also restore that amount. For the owner of a home with a taxable value of $100,000, that means $2.23 a year more than now."

Ahhh, so they are using the word "renewal" when they actually mean "increase". Lying snakes! And people fall for this stuff and vote out of fear. That is how taxes get increased, and idiots like Obama get elected.

So while I lost the war, I felt personal satisfaction in throwing some tea into the harbor. And I also take satisfaction in knowing that my wife and I were more informed on the issue than the other 3,191 people that voted.


nanc said...

you have to wonder if most people don't vote the way they do because they know someone who's voting that way...

they've been trying to doll up a millage here to build another school - first they consolidated all the small outlying schools and bus the children in from God knows where all about the county and then decide the schools are too small - imagine that!

some of the children get on the school bus at 6:00 a.m. and don't get home until 10-11 hours later.

Writer X said...

Being informed before you vote. What a concept! Wish most people took the time to educate themselves like you and your wife. "Tax renewals"? Haven't heard that positive spin yet. It's kind of like calling identity theft survival tools! ;-) Has a nice ring to it.