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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Open Letter To Colin Powell

Dear Colin,

Go away. And take Tom Ridge with you.

You say you are still a Republican, but your recent turn to the left is the opposite of what the Republican party needs. The Republican party left their base in the dust in panic over the 2006 elections. That didn't sit well with those of us that are conservatives.

You are angry with conservatives. You call out Rush Limbaugh and Dick Cheney. Yet they are what the Republican party needs. Not you and your ilk. You need to either pull a Benedict Arlen Specter and become a Democrat, or quietly go away in the night and enjoy retirement. Heck, if you choose the former I am sure the anointed one Obama would gladly give you a position in his evil administration.

Or maybe not. See Colin, you are becoming a man without a country. You've alienated conservative Republicans. Democrats don't trust you. I guess you could go third party if you want.

In closing, and I say this with all the respect I can muster, please shut-up.



P.S. Now you can go back to your regularly scheduled hero worship of Obama.


Writer X said...

Colin Powell is sounding a little shrill these days, isn't he? It's like he's desperate to be relevant again.

nanc said...


AndrewPrice said...


I soooo concur with your letter. Who do these guys think they are? Powell slanders the party and then endorsed the democrat for President, even though we are running the very guy he should be jumping up to support, and now we're supposed to listen to him? Forget that.

LoneWolfArcher said...

Andrew, that is exactly why I posted this last October:

AndrewPrice said...

LoneWolfArcher, you nailed that one too. Either he's lying or he really likes the idea of losing. In any event, Colin Powell is about as Republican as Barack Obama.