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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Shock! Pelosi Is A Liar. She Knew About Enhanced Interrogations

Click here for story:
Pelosi was briefed on interrogation tactics

Why should we be surprised? My guess is all the Democrats knew. That way they could enjoy the benefits of the safety such tactics provided, and still feign outrage over it later.

Of course, Obama will now make the world safer for terrorists while at the same time making the world more dangerous for U.S. citizens.

Thanks for electing this idiot.


nanc said...

thought of the day:

a friend of my husband's likes to say, "when i think i'm feeling down and nothing is going right and the world is against me - i remember how fortunate i am - there's a MR. PELOSI!"

nanc said...

have you seen this little pelousy gem?