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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Still Don't Believe The Media Is Biased?

Then explain this video:

Absolutely disgusting. Oh and Mark Knoller of CBS tried to explain it away:

Click here: Mark Knoller: Explaining Why Reporters Stood For Obama

I like this part:

"When some reporters stood up for President Obama last Friday, they forgot about the needs of their colleagues in the back of the room as well as the less formal atmosphere of the briefing room. Certainly it was a sign of respect for the president, but not one of disrespect for his predecessor.

It was President Obama’s first time at the briefing room lectern since taking office and for some new members of the White House Press, it was their first time seeing a president enter the room as well."

Nice try Mr. Knoller. This is typical of the mainstream media these days. They make statements about Obama giving them chills up their legs, standing when they didn't for George W. Bush, and generally fawning over Obama, then give us lame excuses and reasons as to why.

Mr. Knoller should be ashamed of himself for this ridiculous excuse. A simple "I am sorry for the behavior of my colleagues" would have been better. Then again, he saw what happened to Bernard Goldberg for blowing the lid off of bias at CBS. Not only are the press in the tank for Obama and the Democrats, but they'll viciously eat their own if one of them has the audacity to point out the blatant bias.

It makes me viscerally ill.


nanc said...

isn't it amazing how "off the cuff" they are with their miserable excuses?!? like gibbsy trying to make excuses for what he "thought" joe biden meant last week regarding staying off public transportation. these people remind me of the spoiled brat one finds throughout school - the one whose parents are always intervening for them. oy.

Writer X said...

Lame explanation, for sure, but the media has an even lower approval rating than Congress. Who really cares what they think and do?