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Thursday, May 14, 2009

When Racism Is Acceptable

I want you to play make believe with me for a moment. Let's pretend that Rush Limbaugh wrote a poem honoring his favorite performer of all time. And in that poem, which he recorded himself reading, he wrote (and then read) the n-word. You know what word I am referring to. The word that is spoken by black Americans constantly, but if a white person says it they will be labeled, ostracized, and in certain circumstances, done bodily harm.

That is unless the white person is a liberal. You see, the above did happen, it just wasn't Rush Limbaugh that said the word. It was Bono from U2. He wrote a poem honoring Elvis Presley, whom he apparently had a giant man crush on, and in it he refers to Elvis as a "white -n-word-".

Click here for the story: Bono Elvis Tribute Poem "American David"

Where is the outrage? Where is Spike Lee threatening to beat up Bono? (Could there be a less threatening threat in the world?) Where is Whoopy and Scary Sherry from The View telling Bono "we don't want to hear that word from your mouth"? Where is the NAACP, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton staging protests at U2 concerts, and marching on Washington (even though Bono is Irish) to show their disapproval? Where is Janeane Garofalo calling Bono a racist Irish redneck?

Oh wait, Bono is a liberal. So he gets a free pass. Rush Limbaugh would have to go into hiding in the same circumstances. Don't you love the American society that has developed right under our noses?

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