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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Advice To David Letterman: SHUT UP

Dave, you need to take this advice. Seriously. When it comes to politics just keep your mouth closed. You come off as a complete neophyte dolt. When you had the candidates on during the election you came across as a biased hack.

When you had Obama on what occurred should have been done in private. It was a torrid love affair of epic proportions. The MPAA would have rated it R for sexual content. Seriously, Michelle should have been jealous. I could hear her in the green room going "oh no he didn't! Not with my man he didn't!" I thought you two were going to start making out.

Then with John McCain you came across as a crass, uninformed, brain-washed, biased hack. You were rude, sarcastic, abrasive, and a complete curmudgeon.

I understand that you are a liberal. I understand that you are a Democrat. But you have to realize that half of your audience is neither of those things. Why alienate and turn off 50% of your possible viewers?

And then your attacks on Sarah Palin are beyond the pale. Especially the latest attack regarding "Alex Rodriguez knocking up her (Palin's) daughter". Dave, you may not be aware that the election is over, Obama won, and Governor Palin went back to Alaska. You don't have to continue to try to tear her vice-president candidacy down. Move on.

And then your phony "apology", followed by your phony "invitation" to cover your tracks made you look even worse. You are an irrelevant little twit of a man. You are insignificant to 99.99999% of the general population. Heck, your show isn't even funny any more.

Have you considered retirement? You had a near miss once with a persistent stalker. Remember that? She broke into your house she was so obsessed with you. It could have easily turned into a scene out of Stephen King's Misery. Retirement might be the safest solution at this point.

So Dave, fade away into the sunset. Try to have as much class as Jay Leno had and quit while you are ahead. As slim (or nonexistent) as your lead might be.


4simpsons said...

Not sure if it was a gag or not but I saw somewhere that Palin declined the invitation to go on Letterman's show, noting that it would be best to keep the young girls away from him.

Writer X said...

Why politicians like McCain even opt to go on his show is beyond me. The comment about Palin and her daughter were over the top. I didn't care for the show before; now I really can't stand it.

nanc said...

o.t. - check this toon out at bh!

palin didn't go on his show because she didn't want to see his ratings go up - that's what she said - good for her!