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Friday, June 05, 2009

Al Gore Going To North Korea

Click here for the story: Al Gore May Go To N. Korea To Free American Reporters

So here is my question? Can we make a trade? Al Gore for the two American reporters? North Korea would probably balk at that trade though. So we'll sweeten the pot by throwing either Joy Behar, Michael Moore, or Janeane Garofalo. Or better yet we'll do a 2 for 1 swap: all 4 of those mentioned in exchange for the two American reporters.

Now that is a trade I would make!


nanc said...

i would throw some of their very own homemade american dollars at them to just TAKE al gore no strings attached!

Writer X said...

Force the North Korean dictator to watch AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH. That ought to dull his senses.

AndrewPrice said...

I am so willing to make a trade. Heck, I'd even throw in a bucket of scotch. . .

Actually, since I'm feeling generous, and just because it's North Korea, I'd even let them keep the reporter if they just agree to take Al Gore!