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Monday, June 08, 2009

Burger King Franchise Owner Is My New Hero

A Burger King franchise owner, with about 40 stores across the state of Tennessee, put this sign up in front of his BK franchises. What is so great about this is that this reflects what a growing majority of Americans feel. That global warming is a bunch of feces.

Of course the fear-mongers, that want to use GW as an excuse to make us do everything from mowing our lawns with a straight razor to driving lunch pails with wheels, are freaking out. They are demanding that Burger King force this franchise owner into submission (IE, take down the signs).

The franchise owner is telling BK corporate to take their orders and put them in various places in their bodies that will remain unmentioned. Admittedly, he isn't saying that in so many words, but has said he doesn't think that the BK corporation has the authority to make him take down the signs.

So this guy is my new hero! You can read the full story here:


Writer X said...

I may have to get a BK burger today. ;-) I bet this guy triples his business by the end of the week.

nanc said...

this is sooooooooo perfect! makes me want to drive 30 miles to the nearest bk and have something with bacon on it - bacon, our family's favorite vegetable!

4simpsons said...

That is great! I hope he keeps up with signs like that and that his business flourishes.