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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Facebook = Digital Crack

If you don't know, or haven't read this blog for very long, I despise Facebook. I tried it for a couple of months a while back and decided it was pure evil. I described it as digital crack because of its addictive nature.

Well on the Drudge Report today I find this news article: Facebook Brings In Payment System

So my "digital crack" wasn't far off. Drug dealers have been notorious for giving product away for free, at first, to get users hooked. Then hammering them with elevated street prices once a user needs their fixes. Facebook is doing the same thing. They've got millions of addicted users, and now they are about to start charging to get your fix.

Mark my words, this is an iterative process. Once this "payments system" gets moving full swing, what is now free on Facebook will start to have fees attached. This reminds me of what the site Classmates did a few years ago. And you can also count on future fraud on Facebook, just like Classmates has been accused of in the past.

(Those that don't know, Classmates will sometimes have fake users send you email, and when you go to read the message Classmates tells you that you need to upgrade to their premium paid service to receive the email. You get a message from someone you've never heard of before AFTER you've ponied up a membership fee.)

Maybe I should start a Facebook detox center. I could charge thousands of dollars to break people of their Facebook habits. The first step is admitting that you have a problem.

(Note: The words Facebook and Classmates aren't links above because I refuse to give a link from this blog to those sites.)

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nanc said...

hard as i tried i just couldn't addict myself to facebook and rejected at least half the people who wanted to befriend me - i didn't like them BEFORE i got a facebook!

one thing i do notice there is the narcissism is foaming at the seams - i ditched one of my own granddaughters because she required too much adoration.

got in a big hairyarse fight with a preacher's kid - it seems everyone wants it to be something it's not.

LoneWolfArcher said...

You are so right, nanc. The "look at me" quotient at Facebook is over the top.

I couldn't get past the passive-aggressiveness in so many people's statuses. For crying out loud, confront people outright, don't be cowards!

AndrewPrice said...

I read a while back that people who spend (waste) their time on facebook and other "social networking" sites. . . oh, how to put this. . . basically, they get stooopid.

No surprise.

Writer X said...

LoneWolf, after you start a Facebook detox page, then go after Twitter. That's the next bizarro world frontier.