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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Last Post's Title A Red Herring?

Apparently my last post was taken as good thing for Obama by some. Probably because I entitled it "The Brave Little Obama". It duped one pro-Obama website into linking my blog!

Click here and notice the links: Newsone For Black America

Of course the title of that blog entry was tongue in cheek. Apparently people today do not read classic works of fiction and don't realize that the title was in reference to the Brothers Grimm story "The Brave Little Tailor". Also, I am sure that Newsone couldn't fathom anyone, even a die-hard, conservative blogger such as myself, being critical of "The One".

I appreciate Newsone linking to my blog, but I believe their readers are in for a rude awakening on encountering my anti-Obama posts. Too funny.

UPDATE! Apparently Newsone took the link to my blog down. The Obama-mania "media" at work again.


4simpsons said...

Oh, that is sweet! And you didn't even do it on purpose. You could put "I heart Obama" in all your titles and really crank up traffic.

Writer X said...

Prepare to meet the crazies. I've had that happen, too. That's why I took the "Anonymous" posting functionality off my web site! But then again, when the comments get hysterical, I know I've won the debate.

nanc said...

geeeeeeeeez, i hardly get any hits when i use "snowjobama" - BWAH! actually, i uninstalled my sitemeter so i could travel lighter.