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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Obama Is Annoying

I tried to watch a few minutes of the joint Obama-ABC News socialized health care infomercial last night. It lasted about 30 seconds. That is all I could take so I turned to Encore! and watched Christmas Vacation for the umpteenth time. When it comes to watching Obama or a 20 year-old, Christmas movie in late June, I'll take the Christmas movie. (Plus the movie includes a scene where a cat is electrocuted, so you know I am in!)

I don't get what so many see in Obama. Some claim he is a good speaker. Really? Between "uhhs" and his speech impediment where he whistles when he pronounces his S's, I just can't take much of him. Sure politically the guy annoys me, but he also annoys me just to listen to him.

Also, imagine if a Republican were as effeminate as Obama. The guy just isn't very macho. Heck, his wife has bigger guns (biceps) than he does! But since he is a far-left liberal he gets a free pass. Whenever he starts talking tough on Iran I picture Ahmadinejad watching the footage and laughing. It reminds me of the old Eddie Murphy bit where Michael Jackson came up to Murphy and tried to get tough with him.

Also, his policies are annoying. The same tired, socialist ideas that have never worked. His health care reform doesn't take into account that the government can't even keep Medicare solvent. Yet I was supposed to listen to him drone on last night, in between "uhhs" and whistled S's, on the subject? I had better things to do like stick needles in my eyeballs.

ABC News should be ashamed of themselves for that sycophant move last night. Not allowing debate. Not allowing a dissenting point of view. Never once (from what I have heard) mentioning the problems with Medicare. Nope, just another step closer to becoming a state run news organization. At this rate it won't be long before we have to take to the streets in protest, Iranian-style.

Of course when Obama goes on TV to uhhh and whistle his way through a "these protests must stop" speech, we'll all point at the screen and laugh. After all, Michael Jackson is just as intimidating.


AndrewPrice said...

It all strikes me as the left simpling willing it to be true -- it's like the left has become a collection of pagent moms.

Writer X said...

LoneWolf, you missed the best part of the infomercial...a neurologist asked him point-blank if he'd subject his own family to his own health care program and he couldn't say "YES!" It was priceless.

By the way, Christmas doesn't officially start in my house without first watching two movies: CHRISTMAS VACATION (despite Chevy Chase) and IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE.

nanc said...


A ll
B arack
C hannel

writer x - christmas doesn't officially start at our house until rosh hoshanah!