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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The WRIF News (and Commentary)

Here in the Detroit area we only have one rock radio station left. 101.1 WRIF is it, and it has survived because, as rock radio goes, it is a very good station. I enjoy listening to WRIF quite often (when I am not listening to my Zune), and I have enjoyed listening to WRIF for about 25 years. The station has been around even longer than that, I believe approaching 40 years!

But this entry is not about rock radio, it is about WRIF's morning show, "Mike In The Morning", and more specifically the show's "news" reports by one Trudi Daniels. I quoted news because what Trudi does is far from news, it is hiding her own opinion into what she deems "news reports".

I have listened to this morning show, on and off, over the course of at least 15 years, though it has changed and evolved from various forms. One constant has been Trudi Daniels and her "news reports". The show itself is kind of a Howard Stern wannabe, though Mike Clark, after whom the show is named, is a decently fair-minded guy. When he shares his opinion it usually is at least a little right of center, which is refreshing. When he isn't sharing his opinion the show devolves into little more than a vuglarity and gross-out fest.

I say that Mike's opinion sharing is refreshing because what Trudi does during these "news reports" is far from right of center, nor refreshing. I can only describe what Trudi does as spew her left-wing, liberal crap. And she has done that for as long as I can remember. During the 90s it wasn't as pronounced because she loved Bill Clinton and his far-left politics. But when good old George W. Bush took office in January of 2001, Trudi's liberal crapfest took on new proportions.

I have written WRIF over the years to complain about this. These letters and emails have yielded nothing in the way of change. I take especial exception to the station referring to what Trudi does as news, but they've persisted over the years in referring to it as such. After hearing her this morning I almost fired off another letter to WRIF regarding her left-wing, liberal crap spewage, but decided to vent here instead.

In the part I heard she was discussing the story that has gone on for a couple of weeks now about how much Obama's little trips have been costing the American tax-payer. She then sited some liberal new source (CNN?) as pointing out that presidents have always traveled on taxpayer money. She then got a dig in at Fox News by saying "though if you listen to Fox News you wouldn't think that was the case".

Then she went on her daily George W. Bush rant. She sited his 77 visits to Crawford, Texas alone during his 8 years in office. As a typical, left-wing ideologue without any real cognitive thinking skills, she seemed satisfied that this made her point: when it comes to travel Obama is no worse than any other president, especially George W. Bush.

Also as a typical, left-wing ideologue (though in this case idiotlogue might fit better), she seemed to miss the point that some are making regarding Obama's $230,000 leisure trips. And that is that Obama keeps proclaiming that these are extrordinary times, and that we all need to tighten our belts and make sacrifices for the common good, then turns around and goes about business as usual as president. I don't care that most presidents have traveled and we paid for it, if Obama is telling me I have to tighten my belt and make sacrifices then he needs to as well!

Also, Obama, Trudi, and their ilk keep proclaiming that these are the worst economic times since the great depression. During the great depression did Hoover and Roosevelt jetset around the world and country on the taxpayer dime? You might argue that it was a different time then, but it is Trudi and the left pointing to Obama's travel and saying that presidents have always done that.

Of course, Trudi Daniels has no clue about any of this. She was taking what her source reported, and spewing it verbatim because it fit into her ideology. Oh, and she afforded the opportunity to bash Fox News and George W. Bush at the same time. Meantime, she is arguing that Obama is the same as Bush and all other presidents despite the fact that she elevated him above all of the others during the presidential campaign when she fully embraced his "Hope and Change" rhetoric.

So which is it Trudi? Is Obama better than the presidents that came before him or the same? You, CNN, and the rest of the left-wing liberals can't have it both ways. Where is the transperancy and change we were sold during the campaign? Now your argument is that he is no worse, and therefore no different, than those that came before?

As far as Bush's 77 trips to Crawford in his 8 years in office, I did a little math (which I know Trudi couldn't handle herself). In 8 years, there are 416 weekends. I don't know about you but when I travel for my company they fly me home on weekends if I so choose. The fact that Bush flew home 77 times, out of 416 weekends in his 8 years in office means he DIDN'T fly home on the weekend 339 times. If they are justifying Obama's expensive travel based on Bush flying home 18.5% of the time (77/416 for those of you like Trudi), then their justification falls short.

I turned off Trudi's news (and comment) at that point because I had all I could stand. Before that she was embracing his healthcare proposal, further cementing her place in the left-wing, socialist movement. Normally I don't even listen to her "news" because I know it is so slanted and biased. I guess I will have to go back to that. The fact that they still get a sponsor for what she does on a daily basis is mind-boggling.

So the station will be changing on my clock-radio. Never again will I have to wake up to Trudi's "news". Unfortunately, that means that I'll also miss out on some good rock-n-roll that is played prior to "Mike In the Morning" coming on the air. Oh well, these are extraordinary times and sacrifices have to be made.


Writer X said...

She sounds like she's getting hysterical--she's adding up Crawford visits? She must be getting desperate. That's always a good sign. :-)

AndrewPrice said...

Anybody still doing a George Bush rant has a problem. She should seek therapy. . . off the air.

SingleDad said...

Trudi Daniels is the most sickening uber lib on the radio. She worships Barack Obama and Democrats every chance she gets while showing her EXTREME Bush derangement sydrome. If WRIF keeps her on it is because the station itself approves of such unbelievable liberal bias.

Turn your radio dial to another station.

Trudi Daniels is a no talent uber lib hack!

FireTrudiNow said...

I just wish that WRIF would dump Trudi Daniels. I know that I would listen far more often if she were gone. To this day, six months after the election she is STILL bashing George W. Bush!

He wasn't even running in 2008 Trudi!!!! FYI

I have never seen such a display of Bush Derangement Syndrome before in my life.

Trudi Daniels - 100% Liberal Democrat; 100% of the time! Go elsewhere for even reporting.

WRIFDownhill said...

Trudi Daniels went on another of her "Bush's Fault" lib rants thsi morning. LOL I guess WRIF intends to make themselves the radio version of Huffpo.

LoneWolfArcher said...

I am glad I missed it. Deminsky and Doyle are better anyway.

SocialistTrudi said...

Trudi Daniels als conveniently neglects to point out that the "Cash For Clunkers" $4500 payment is funded by the taxpayers. She likes to pretend that the government creates money and wealth as long as we keep voting for Democrats.

What a stupid assed libturd!

Anonymous said...

A.D.D and other mental issues do this especially to women. Simple minds can only spew already written words like herself. I can only feel sorry for her because it may be that a rough trip down the stairs as a child may have contributed to her half-thinking comments.Or maybe walking through lfe with legs spread wide open while married might be some kind of sign as to maybe bi-polar?

SingleDad said...

I REALLY hope that Sarah The Intern is in training to replace Trudi Daniels. WRIF can get rid of Trudi and her incredible liberal bias. At the same time they can add a beautiful and comparitively low cost replacement.