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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Yet Another Lesson In Unintended Consequences

Government Motors has announced that their luxury sedan model Buick LaCrosse will now be offered with a 4 cylinder engine. Luxury sedans have traditionally come with a minimum of a V6, and most with at least a V8 option.

Many industry experts are predicting that with the new federal mileage standards that this is just the beginning. More and more bigger cars and SUVs will see their performance suffer as auto makers struggle to meet the federal MPG standards that the Obama administration has pushed through. These same experts predict that it will mean buyers of bigger vehicles will have to get used to more plodding, slow performing vehicles as a result.

One of Sir Isaac Newton's laws of motion says that "to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction." This law tends to be more universal than just being applied to physics. For every action we take we usually affect other things and other people around us. Liberals do not get this concept.

Take environmentalists for example. In their exuberance they usually take actions that have the exact opposite effect they were going for. For instance, studies have shown that recycling programs actually have a bigger environmental impact than the benefits they are supposed provide. Yet environmentalists continue to push recycling programs despite that impact.

The Obama administration really thought that raising car MPG standards would be a benefit. But as usual liberal thinking on this issue is short sighted. I predict that all the MPG standards will do is revive the after-market performance parts industry like we haven't seen since the 60's and 70's, during the muscle car era.

Think about it. The new federal standards apply to car manufacturers and the new cars they sell. There is no consumer enforcement to these standards. I could buy a car that gets 30 MPG today, and customize it to get much less fuel economy than that tomorrow. These kinds of customizations, with after-market computer chipping and other performance enhancements, have always been around.

But due to the changes highlighted above, as manufacturers have to sacrifice performance in their vehicles to meet federal fuel economy standards, more and more consumers will begin to compromise fuel efficiency in order to achieve the level of performance in their vehicles that they are used to. Almost no localities have any type of fuel efficiency monitoring of in service vehicles, and there are very few that even require emissions testing of in service vehicles.

So there is basically nothing to prevent consumers from customizing their cars for maximum performance once they roll them off the dealer's lot. And when you are talking about maximizing performance (speed and acceleration) you are usually talking about minimizing fuel economy.

So Obama in all his genius (puke) must never have heard Sir Isaac Newton's law regarding action and reaction. After-market performance parts manufacturers have to be drooling at the prospects of seeing their sales grow (reaction) thanks to Obama's short sighted action.


Writer X said...

a luxury sedan with a V4? That's just plain wrong. I don't think Pres. Obama will be happy until everybody gets around on a pogo stick--everybody but him, of course.

AndrewPrice said...

Well said Steven. Reality is unforgiving, and that's the problem with liberal think -- they want to believe that they can bend reality with good intentions. And they never think about the fact that the world does react, thus they never consider how their crazy plans can go wrong.