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Friday, July 31, 2009

My Budget Cut Proposal: NPR

National Public Radio. What a joke. I posted here a while back that I had decided to change the radio station I wake up to in the morning. Somehow I ended up on the local NPR FM station. I had always heard that NPR was a pit of liberal talking points and bias but, since I had never listened myself, I had no personal opinion.

I do now.

It is absolutely insane how biased NPR really is. First of all I have a question? Do you have be 70 years old to be on the air for NPR? I don't mean to get ageist (I routinely speak out against ageism), but seriously, all of the anchors on there sound like they should be enjoying retirement. What is really surprising though is that it doesn't appear that there is a single moderate or conservative amongst them!

Let's talk about this morning for instance. It was all Obama's health care all the time. NPR managed to find the one small business owner that thinks Obamacare is actually a good idea. So they spent 10 minutes pimping her and her business. It was some coffee shop. I refuse to give this business any more free advertising so I won't mention the name or the location.

So this woman is going on about how expensive it is to provide health insurance for her employees. And how she is supporting Obamacare since she feels a public option will lower prices. HUH? And this woman runs a business? All projections are that this plan will increase costs, but when have liberals ever let facts get in the way of their beliefs.

Now I know a lot of people that run small businesses, including the person I routinely say "yes dear" to. 99.99999% of the small business owners I know are firmly against Obamacare. (Most of them are firmly against Obama but that is another matter.) NPR goes and finds one small business owner (this idiot is even putting "Health Care Now" on their coffee cups with numbers of their local representatives so customers can call and support Obamacare) and tries to make it seem as if she is representative of the majority of small business owners.

When NPR finally moved on from their full Obamacare lovefest, they went on to a story about how Lou Dobbs is killing CNN with his "where is the birth certificate" campaign. Of course the story starts with a line like this: "CNN has always positioned itself as sticking to the facts. Trying to position itself between MSNBC on the left and Fox News on the right." Talk about opinionated reporting. Of course what do you expect from a bunch of liberals? They make CNN unbiased, position Fox News as conservative, and they sacrifice MSNBC in an effort to appear unbiased themselves. Please.

They then take Lou Dobbs to task for daring to ask Obama for a real birth certificate since "every one knows he was born in Hawaii anyway". Excuse me NPR, not all of us know that and if it is such a fact then why can't Obama just provide his original birth certificate and then we can all move on with our lives? NPR never questioned that, they were too busy saying that Dobbs is an idiot and, basically, that CNN should fire him to save face. Please.

That was followed by a report on SCOTUS appointee Sonia Sotomayer and how voting against her confirmation was going to hurt Republicans. The report was so biased and was predicated on the "fact" that Republicans are all about white males. They gleefully pointed out that voting against a racist like Sotomayer would mean that the GOP will always be "the minority party". The reason? Because Hispanics are the fastest growing block of voters.

Never once did they mention Miguel Estrada and what the Democrats did to his appointment to the federal bench during the Bush administration. George W. Bush appointed him to a federal judgeship and the minority Democrats filibustered his appointment, and continued to do that until Estrada eventually withdrew his appointment. Did NPR run a "report" about how that was going to hurt Democrats with Hispanic voters? Of course not.

One biased report wouldn't have been incredible. Two in a row, and you start to see a pattern. Three in a row and you realize what a liberal, left-wing, Democrat-sympathizing hack of an operation NPR has become. I will once again be changing the station I wake up to.

On top of changing the station I am going to suggest that NPR be cut from any government funding it receives. Further, all Americans should refuse to give one red cent in donations to NPR until they get the left-wing, communistic bias out of their reporting. If NPR were to go belly up no one would miss it. It needs to go the way of the dodo.

Cut NPR.


Writer X said...

NPR became like nails on a chalkboard. I haven't listened to it in ages.

AndrewPrice said...

But we need NPR to offset the right wing media. Placed like the ultra-right wing CNN and MSNBC. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Is NPR really aimed at rich, white liberals only?

Q: Does anyone else think National Public Radio is the voice of all the white, rich, liberals (mainly women) ... with nothing better to do than brag about their most recent “knitting in Manhattan” idiocy or lame adventure in Europe? – Jerry R., 30, Indianapolis
• Yes ... just as loads of others think other media outlets are run by and for arrogant, narrow-minded, rich Republican white men. – Julia, 32, white, St. Louis
• If someone said the same thing about a station that catered primarily to black Americans (which I suspect you are), you’d probably be first in line to defend it! – Rachel, 47, black, Australia
• NPR makes no secret about its political leanings, and often offers a balanced viewpoint on current issues. – Sheila, 30, white, Tampa, Fla.
• Most of my “conscious” friends are people of color, consider themselves radicals and listen to and respect National Public Radio. – Damon, 27, black, Inglewood, Calif.
• NPR is a nice alternative for those of us tired of Neal Boortz, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mike Savage, et al. ... who remain the real whiny radio voices. – Sam, 23, white, Orlando, Fla.
Expert Says
In between knitting and listening to pledge drives in the car, we found out:
• Watchdog group Media Matters moaned in 2005 that NPR’s own numbers showed it used right-leaning experts 63 percent of the time.
• A 2005 UCLA-University of Missouri study found NPR’s political bent was close to “the average mainstream news outlet” – about the same as Time and U.S. News & World Report.
• A 2009 Roper poll found that U.S. adults surveyed felt 28 percent of NPR's content was liberal – lower than any other media organization besides Fox News. In the poll, 23 percent of respondents self-identified as liberal, 34 percent conservative.

Jeffrey Dvorkin, former NPR ombudsman who left in 2006, agreed it was a “fair knock” to say NPR programming doesn’t cater to minorities and that its audience is overwhelmingly white. However, he said it isn’t as liberal as some think. One survey put its audience at 52 percent liberal, 48 percent conservative, he said.
“As ombudsman I got as many complaints saying how conservative it was as how left-wing. ... I think their reporting was strongly leaning to the skeptical, regardless of who was in power.”
One problem was that beginning in the ‘80s, right-leaning think tanks made it appear that much of the media was too liberal, he said.
“I remember asking one think-tanker if he really thought NPR was as left-wing as he and fellow think-tankers said it was. And he said, ‘No, we only do that to put you on the defensive.’ And that’s exactly what’s happened: It’s the politicization of information in America.”