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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Obama And Universal Health Care Must Be Stopped

UPDATE: Click here to oppose ObamaCare: Patients First

Must See Video:

Steven Crowder Goes Undercover To Document Truth About Government Run Health Care In Canada

Wow. Note this is not fiction. This is not staged. This is actual footage of experiences with a single-payer, government run and controlled health care system. I have a cousin that married a Canadian and they now live there. Her experiences with her pregnancy, birth of their son, and health care for the three of them are very similar to these posted. Most people, when they truly need health care, seek out private health care and pay through the nose for that care.

I worked for many years for a health care information company. We did all sorts of different types of work related to health care, but one of the biggest things we did was to help employers design their self-funded health care coverage plans. People complain about deductibles and copays thinking it is greedy insurance carriers trying to recoup costs. Copays and deductibles aren't about recouping costs, they are about limiting usage.

The worst thing you can do from a usage standpoint is to make health care free. It causes people to rush to the hospital and doctor's office for the most minor illnesses and symptoms. Deductibles and copays are put into place to prevent this from occurring. The whole goal is to make sure that only people that truly need health care go to the doctor or hospital. This does two things.
  1. It prevents costs from over running and bankrupting the health plan.
  2. It prevents usage from over running and over burdening the health care system.
What we are seeing in Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe and other places where health care is "free" (I quote it because we still pay for it in the end) is exactly those two things: costs bankrupting the government plan and usage over burdening the entire system.

Is that what we really want here?

It reminds me of the outrage over a plan a few years ago to start charging a nominal fee for the use of handicapped parking. The media and other groups positioned the plan as "greedy" people trying to take advantage of, and make money from, handicapped people. What the plan was really about was freeing up handicapped parking for those that REALLY NEED IT! Think about it, if it cost 50 cents to park in handicapped parking then these people that talk their doctors into, or worse pay them for, giving them a handicapped sticker probably won't park there. If you are able bodied you probably aren't going to pay to park there even if you legally can.

The short-sighted results of not instituting that plan is that more and more people everyday park in handicapped parking that do not really need it. I think it is immoral and lazy to do that, and it is sad that we have to look into plans like the one outlined above to try and prevent this behavior. But this is the society we have created for ourselves.

So in 5 years, when you can't get health care for a lacerated artery because the emergency room is full of people with hangnails, don't say you weren't warned.

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Writer X said...

Wow. Frightening. I must have missed this piece on BH. Thanks for posting it here.