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Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Obama Doctrine II: Be Nice To Them And They Will Like Us

A while back I posted the following entry:

The Obama Doctrine: Do What I Want And Lie About It Later

Now there is another Obama Doctrine: Be Nice TO Them And They Will Like Us

While the first is still in play domestically, the second seems to be his official foreign policy. The problem is that it doesn't work. Here are a couple of examples of how being nice to our enemies doesn't work:

Click here for story: Chavez: Obama Is Biting Off More Than He Can Chew

Click here for story: Iran Spurns Engagement On Nuclear Drive, Thwarting Obama Effort

Obama seems to think that being nice to bullies will make them stop being bullies. The truth is that bullies see being nice as a sign of weakness. Chavez and Ahmadinejad see Obama as someone they can manipulate. Someone they can push around. They have no fear of Obama. Do you think they feared George W. Bush? You know they did!

Even Quadaffi in Libya is starting to make noise again after being scared into submission for the last 6 years. What Obama is doing is making us less safe. He has become Carter when he should be more like Reagan.

Reagan knew that being tough and being bold would call our enemies' bluffs. And when you do that things happen like the Berlin wall coming down, or the Soviet empire collapsing.

When you act timid like Neville Chamberlain things like Hitler running roughshod over Europe occur. When you take a stand like Winston Churchill then things happen like the Allies winning WWII.

Teddy Roosevelt said "Speak softly and carry a big stick." Obama seems to want to enter the fray unarmed, and still speak softly. The results for our national security could be disastrous.


Writer X said...

Not only does Obama speak too softly, but he doesn't seem to have an original thought without his telemprompter. He's totally ill-prepared for the Presidency.

Rex Cox said...

His teleprompter is the real President, and even its nothing more than a puppet...neither Obama nor his teleprompter is coming up with this sickness on their own.

Dan said...

"Be Nice to them And They Will Like Us"

You forgot to add the "hope" factor. And of course there is no "us".

It should probably read like this in order to more closely align with reality:

"Be Nice to them And They Will Like me, I hope"

nanc said...

being nice in the schoolyard when the bully's beating the tar out of you for your lunch money never worked then and it won't work now - you must get into the face of your enemy and put a stop to it!

take the sri lankans and tamil tigers for instance - they tried living with them, tried making peace by "talking" - and finally can say they put a dent in the tamil tiger population, much to the dismay of u.s., the u.n. and rest of the world.

bullies need a big smack in not only their faces, but their egos.