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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Obamacare Consistent With Liberal View On The Value Of Life

For the last several decades liberals have carefully crafted the ground work for the proposals and changes to our society that they wish to enact. They laid this ground work by spearheading two movements: the pro-abortion movement, and the pro-euthanasia movement.

Conservatives, especially the religious right (of which I am a proud member), cautioned throughout that same time period, that those two movements would cheapen human life. While liberals were coming up with all kinds of arguments ("its a woman's right", "its a patient's right", "it will alleviate costs", "it removes unwanted humans from the equation", etc), conservatives remained on point: both abortion and euthanasia cheapens human life.

Abortion has now been legal in this country for going on 4 decades. Euthanasia (also called doctor assisted suicide) is now legal in some states. Both of these things were met with abhorrence when initially embarked on. American society couldn't understand the government approved practice of letting pregnant woman have their unborn babies ripped into pieces and sucked into a tub. Nor could American society come to grips with a government allowing doctors and patients to decide that a person was no longer useful, no longer worth saving, and then taking an active measure to end that person's life.

Over time however, as the mainstream media, the left, public education, famous persons, movies and TV shows, and the like continued to hammer away at these issues, American society began to soften towards them. Those arguments quoted above began to work on people. Human life was not the overriding factor any longer as people continued to be conditioned, desensitized, and even brainwashed into the liberal way of thinking on these issues.

Eventually we have arrived to where we are now. Human life has been cheapened to the point where cost factors are considered when it comes to dealing with life. People are open to environmental initiatives that may be devastating to human life (read: malaria vs. the DDT ban). People will now try to rationalize both issues as being "for the greater good".

So is it any surprise that Obama's health care proposal has tenets of both issues included in it? As people continue to read about this bill, and what it would do, more and more details are emerging:
  • government-funded abortion
  • coerced abortion
  • denial of treatment to the elderly
  • denial of treatment due to cost
All of these things are part and parcel of the pro-abortion, pro-euthanasia, liberal thinking that has pervaded our society and education system. Human life, without the belief in an almighty creator, is reduced to that of animal life. What do you do with animals when their population becomes to great? You euthanize unwanted animals, you sterilize them to keep them from reproducing, and take measures to control their population.

This gets to heart of the matter for liberals. Population control. Liberal thought, again devoid of an almighty creator, says that the earth is overpopulated, is running out of resources, and must be saved at all costs. Algore is the spokesperson for this movement. If your view of the world is along these lines then not only do you have no problem with abortion and euthanasia, but you see it as necessary to your end goal: saving the environment.

So we shouldn't be surprised that Obamacare is pro-abortion and pro-euthanasia (denial of care). That is who he is, how he thinks, and where he comes from. For him and his ilk, life is not something to be valued, it is something that is to be controlled and manipulated just like the rest of the world. Obama wants to control the world, and thus needs his draconian health care plan enacted regardless of its effect on human life. In actuality, despite human life.

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