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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

On Honduras

I was out of pocket for a week and a half, but still kept my eye on the news. I noted that despite 24/7 Michael Jackson coverage, some other things did occur recently. The one that I really want to comment on is the situation in Honduras.

Manuel Zelaya, the president of Honduras, was ousted in a coup. That is something that seems on the surface to be a bad thing, until you hear why he was ousted. He was trying to thwart Honduras' constitution, supreme court, and, more importantly, the will of the people to try to remain in office despite term limits that would have meant his presidency was over this coming January. Zelaya wants to remain in power past January, and was willing to trash Honduras' Constitution in order to do that.

But what is most troubling was Obama's response to this. He said, and I quote, "It sets a bad precedent". -Insert look of confusion and shock.- What precedent does it set? That when a man tries to usurp authority and do whatever he wants despite the law of the land, that the people have a right to stop him? This is the perfect precedent to set: If you ignore the Constitution the people will rise up and oust you.

This is the same precedent that was set in the late 1700's when a group of colonials overthrew overbearing English rule. It is the same precedent set shortly after that in France when the people overthrew their aristocracy and demanded democracy. It is the same precedent that countless nations have set, and others have tried to set, in order to establish or maintain government for and by the people.

Obama's stance on Honduras is very telling. It shows that he is power hungry enough to try what Zelaya tried. He knows that the people would revolt if he ever did, and that is why he thinks this sets a bad precedent. His lack of support for the opposition in Iran is also telling. Obama sees nothing wrong with dictatorships as long as the dictator shares his world view. Obama wants what he wants and if becoming a dictator will accomplish that then he is for it.

Remember his "I won" comment in a meeting shortly after taking office to Congressional Republicans? Suddenly the talk of working together, that he preached throughout his campaign, was gone. Now it is "I won, so roll over". He has nothing in mind except ramrodding through his own agenda. And he is willing to do that at all costs.

I am afraid that Obama feels that the bad precedent that he claims was set in Honduras is that the will of people stood up for what they feel their country stands for. I am afraid Obama wants to thwart the will of the people himself here in United States, and do whatever he wants to do. Regardless of Supreme Courts, congress, the Constitution, and even the will of the people.


Writer X said...

Very troubling, indeed. Troubling, also, that the media is more concerned with Michael Jackson than anything else.

Welcome back!

AndrewPrice said...

Interestingly, I think the Hondurans may win this. Zelaya has been blustering, but he's now agreeing to mediation to resolve this. Even Clinton suggested restoring him with only limited powers.

I think they will restore him, just long enough to run an election to find a replacement.