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Saturday, August 01, 2009

And Another Thing Related To NPR

In all of their biased news reports yesterday morning, never once did they ever mention the biggest news story of the morning: the complete and miserable administrative failure of the "Cash For Clunker" program.

Almost as if they wished it never occurred. Speaking of that, I love this quote by one dealer:

'If they can't administer programs like this, I'd be concerned about health insurance'...

Awesome. If Americans allow congress to pass that idiotic socialistic health care proposal then we all deserve the crappy health care that will result.

I am even thinking we should be willing to take Honduras' cue if we have to.............

1 comment:

Writer X said...

Hah! This got under my skin, too. In fact, I wrote about it in today's post. I just saw a headline that said it was officially DOA. Let's hope.