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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

International Treaties Threaten Our Sovereignty

Excellent article linked below by Jeremy Rabkin of George Mason University.

Click here for the article: The Constitution and American Sovereignty

This is why the United Nations, Kyoto Protocol, and other international treaties need to be scrutinized against our constitution. When a treaty, a ruling by the UN, or anything else internationally is opposed to the constitution we need to give it a big thumbs down. To enter into a treaty that threatens our right to self rule is unconstitutional.

Obama seems to be ignorant to that fact. Of course, we know he feels the constitution is counter to what he is trying to do. He is on record as saying as much. How we elected someone that doesn't even believe in the sanctity of our most important document is beyond me. Thanks a lot to all you Obama voters.

Personally I agree with Abraham Lincoln who said: "Would we be far wrong if we defined (sovereignty) as a political community without a political superior?" I say: no Abe, we would not be wrong. Once we have given up our sovereignty we have given up our nation.

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