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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

I've Had It Up To Here

Everyday it is more of the same. Socialized health care. Cap and trade. Removing defense items from the budget. This morning was the last straw: Obama wants a federal ban on texting and driving.

Now I will admit that we have a big problem with people using cell phones while driving. I am not even concerned with those that talk on the phone since that is more innocuous than many other behaviors while driving: drinking, eating, disciplining kids, putting on make-up, smoking, etc. So something needs to be done.

But let's let local municipalities handle this. There is no reason for the federal government to become involved in telling us we shouldn't be texting while driving. Every one knows that you shouldn't text while driving. Most localities have a "distracted driving" law on the books. Why do we need Deh Fuhrer to get involved and make it a national ban?

This is just part and parcel of this administration. They aren't concerned with governing, they are concerned with control. They want control our money, our energy usage, our behavior, our health care, and just about anything else they can control. And they will come up with just about any and all excuses to do it.

I don't know about the rest of my fellow American, but I am fed up. I am sick of it. I am ready to do whatever is necessary to take this nation back for the people. Am I talking about armed conflict? If need be. I'd hate for it to come to that but between these draconian socialist bills, ridiculous fascist bills, and appointees like Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court we are starting to run out of options.

The left has the White House. They have both houses of congress. If they capture the SCOTUS as well then it will be time to resort to other means. I don't look at that option lightly, but when government fails to govern, and starts to become tyrannical, the forefathers themselves would tell us to take matters into our own hands.

Why do you think Obama wants to ban gun ownership? (Note: He has never denied that, all he has said was that they don't have the votes to do it right now.) He knows that the last obstacle standing in his way to his goal of a dictatorship is a well-regulated militia.

It might be time to call those militias to service.


Writer X said...

Like you, I had to laugh when I heard about the texting summit...A texting summit? What's next? A texting czar? If it's possible, Obama is becoming a worse president than Carter, although his numbers are plummeting even faster than Carter's did.

nanc said...

spooky - more and more people are speaking along the same, "when will you fight back?" "when they actually come for my guns."

have you heard about this yet?

LoneWolfArcher said...

So what happens if I get reported? Do you have to attend some summit for a teachable moment at the White House?

Or do they throw me in jail indefinitely as a political prisoner?

nanc said...

the left was so worried the gw would be the one to abuse all the privileges he instituted! wonder when nappy will come out with the revised "homegrown terrorist" manifesto?

SingleDad said...

The idea that this administration would have or even consider a "texting summit" shows what idiots they really are. This is most likely just one more shiny object to try and distract the US populations attention "over-there" while the Obama Socialists destroy our countries founding principals "over-here".

Don't show up to protest Cap and Tax, Socialized Medicine, etc.... Get all worked up over texting and driving! Let's get the soccer Mom's back on the side of the uber lib Socialists!