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Monday, August 31, 2009

The "Right" To Health Care

You hear a lot of liberals these days talking about there being a "right to health care". It as if the 11th amendment in the bill of rights specifically says: "The people have a right to free and/or inexpensive health care". Before you go looking that up, it doesn't say that. In fact, the bill of rights contained only 10 amendments.

The truth is that there is no inherent right to health care. While God gave us certain unalienable rights, like the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, no where are we guaranteed free and unfettered access to health care.

Think about the first 100 years or so of our country's history. Health care was little more than a voodoo science. True health care was nearly non-existent. Did people have a right to health care that dictated a treatment of opening a blood vessel and bleeding out as a cure for almost every ailment? Rumors persist today that this is exactly how George Washington died. He got a cold and was bled to death in an effort to cure it.

Fast-forward to civil war times. Medicine knew little about infection. And even if they knew about it penicillin had not been discovered yet. Many doctors felt that the only way to cure something, like a deep cut, was to amputate the limb that was injured. Is this the health care that people had a right to as free and accessible?

It is ludicrous to suggest that health care is a right. The emotional response to people that have to go into debt in order to get treatment is to say "that isn't right!". But when you look at the lifestyles of Americans you realize where the problem lies. We all love 4,000 square foot houses, $40,000 luxury cars, 50" big screen TVs, and every modern convenience of life.

We allow our lifestyles to cause us to live on the edge of financial ruin, so that if a health care expense comes along suddenly the balance is tipped and we go into that financial ruin. The health care emergency was not the root cause of the ruin, it was merely the straw that broke the camel's back. Yet those on the left would have us believe that health care being too expensive is what caused the problem.

If people lived within their means, then these types of events would be minimized. People need to read and listen to Dave Ramsey. If you don't know who he is look him up here: Dave Ramsey. Dave is an advocate against going into debt, for living within your means. Building wealth through debt-free living. What a concept!

The final point I'd like to make is that even if health care were a right that doesn't mean that there isn't a cost associated with it. The 2nd amendment guarantees the right to keep and bear arms. Yet no one is advocating that the government provide free firearms to its citizens. You have the right to bear arms, but you bear the expense of purchasing those arms. If health care were a right, which it isn't, that wouldn't mean that it should be cost free.

In the final analysis this is nothing more than the left playing for power. They think making health care "free" will win them more votes. As the town hall meetings suggest, as the polls suggest, they are wrong on that point. Pushing Obamacare through would be the worst thing that they could do politically. 2010 will not be good for the Democrats if they thwart the will of the people and make health care a social program.


4simpsons said...

Excellent points, Steven. Those shouting "rights" for everything from abortion to health care are either ignorantly or deliberately abusing the word.

Writer X said...

And the concept of "free" is a farce. Nothing is free. I have friends who don't flinch when paying $200 for a haircut but balk at paying a $50 co-pay. We've got things turned around.