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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Shout Out To Left Coast Rebel

Stumbled across this blog recently. (Actually he stumbled on mine and started following it, I am glad he did because he has some good stuff over at his blog).

Check it out by clicking here: Left Coast Rebel

Notice the nice observation he made with the Barney Frank town hall stuff: Plant In Crowd At Frank Town Hall?

That is what sets us conservatives apart from liberals: brains. Don't bring that weak stuff here, we'll swat it away like Tim Duncan in the paint. These town hall meetings are being disrupted by liberals posing as conservatives. Just like the "racist" attendees at Obama campaign stops last year. Liberals have no conscience. They'll stoop to any tactic to smear conservatives.

Take their behavior over the last 8 years. While George W. Bush was in office liberals were gleeful about anything they viewed as bad for America. Stock market crashes, the death of our fighting men and women, even losses in the Olympics were all cheered by liberals.

The result is that they expect the same from us. When the market was down 200 points the other day a liberal said to me: "you're probably happy about that, aren't you?" I was flabbergasted. I replied that I was in no way happy about that. I am heavily invested in the market, why would I applaud 200 point down swings? Just because it might be bad for Obama? Come on, Obama isn't worth all that to me.

Bad news is bad news. Period. I want the market to rebound. If that helps Obama then I will deal with that. Why would I cheer against my own financial situation? It is ludicrous. But that is how liberals think because that is how they would behave themselves.

So this is a pat on the back to the Left Coast Rebel. Great detective work on the obvious plant. Liberals know they can't win a straight up fight on the issues so they have to tear down and stoop to ridiculous tactics like this.


nanc said...

i have an online stalker wanting to attend our little TEA Party event - the bunghole even asked me if he could carry a gun - i told him i would be! he's one of my trolls. pray for him.

Nickie Goomba said...

Left Coast Rebel has a QUALITY web site. You have excellent raste!

Writer X said...

LoneWolf, just visited the Left Coast Rebel site. Thanks for the tip.

Funny, I've had some of my liberal friends ask me the same question about the stock market. It's such a stupid question that all I can do is shake my head. Also, most of my liberal friends are not at all happy about President Obama. For them to even admit it to me is a big deal.