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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Town Hall Meetings, Fed Up Americans, And Democrats' Dismissals

The town hall meeting phenomenon continues. Every day reports come in about overwhelming numbers of citizens showing up at these things. The majority of Americans have one message for their representative in office: leave my health care alone!

People politely protested when we witnessed the socialization of our financial institutions. People a little less politely protested when we witnessed the socialization of our auto industry. When it comes to socialization of our health care industry people have had enough. And that is exactly what they are telling Obama: ENOUGH!

The Democrats are quick to characterize the town hall meeting crowds as being far right-wing radicals, and that they are being staged. They have tried to belittle the efforts of Americans by accusing them of being unruly. They have even tried to use the word "violent". The left has even gone so far as to send plants into some of these crowds in an effort to besmirch the town hall meeting attendees.

None of their efforts have been successful. The Democrats have stopped just short of referring to this grass-roots effort as a "vast right-wing conspiracy", which would evoke the vernacular of Hillary Clinton from last decade. While that exact term hasn't been used, the implication has been there all along.

Democrats have referred to the movement as "AstroTurf", a reference to the idea that the protests are staged. Pelosi, Reid, Dean, and Obama need to realize that denial is a river in Egypt. They can deny the validity of these protests all they want, the fact is that the American tax-paying public is sick of it, and they aren't going to take it any more.

Town hall meeting crowds, and tea party crowds, are turning out in masses to tell Washington one simple thing: spending and taxes are too high, stop it. Stop it or we will stop it. They are also telling Washington that we are not like Europe and we do not want to be like Europe. So get your hands out of every one of our cookie jars.

Thomas Jefferson would be proud of these protests. In fact, I believe Jefferson would be one of the leading voices of these movements if he were alive today. So the question is simple? Do you want to be more like Jefferson, or more like Obama?


Writer X said...

LoneWolf, seems this time the demonization by the likes of Pelosi, Reid, et al. have backfired. With any luck, most of them will be gone in 2010.

AndrewPrice said...

I know that politics is about making your opponents appear unattractive and making your side seem more attractive, but the pure demonization that they are doing of average people is utterly despicable.

Writer X, Reid is behind in the polls and may be in real trouble.