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Friday, August 21, 2009

We have A 4th Grader For President


Okay I admit I have never expected much out of Obama. "He is a great speaker!" Really? I call that great reading from a teleprompter. "He is intelligent." Really? Platitudes and regurgitated Marxist thought are not the same as intelligence. "He is a statesman." I've seen more presence under a Christmas tree.

But today takes the cake. First you have to see the story for yourself:

Click here: Obama Fires Back At Political Critics

Did you catch that? If something didn't jump out at you stop and go read it again.

Okay, twice through if you still haven't figured it out let me point it out for you:

"There is something about August going into September where everybody in Washington gets all wee weed up!"

Are you serious? Our supposedly well-spoken, intelligent, statesman of a president busts out the "wee weed up" comment? How is that any of the three things liberals claim he is?

Next he'll tell us his health care reform "falled down and got a boo-boo". Or that every one making a fuss over socialized health care is "hurting his wittle feelings". Are we supposed to take this guy seriously? "Wee weed up"?

That is just sad. As he sinks into further irrelevance, and his presidency's legacy devolves into trying to force change on us we don't want, now his immaturity is beginning to show.

He needs to stick to throwing like a girl in mom jeans.


Writer X said...

The next logical step is for the President to start crying on television. Clearly he didn't spend enough time on playgrounds as a kid.

nanc said...

as i've told others, "wee wee'd up" is ebonics for toddlers getting high on marijuana. what else COULD it mean?

AndrewPrice said...

You know what, I took it as a drug reference at first as well. I swear I've heard that phrase in some movie.